Over twenty years of consulting, coaching and executive development

Integrating theory and practice, helping clients turn ideas into  action

Educated at Oxford and the London Business School, he started his career in the oil industry rising fast through the Esso organisation, running large businesses before he formed Ideas Into Action. Over the past twenty years he has been involved with a broad range of strategic and change management projects, executive coaching and training. He has combined this with lecturing at business schools and has for over ten years been a Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School. He has served as chairman or non-executive director of a range of organisations including small quoted and larger private companies, not-for-profit organisations and the NHS. Anthony has:

Anthony also laughs a lot! Whilst the issues of business can be serious, humour often leads to insight as well as providing a release for pressure... “ha-ha” sometimes leads to “aha”.

Through a network for consultants, advisers, practitioners and academics, Anthony is able to put together the skills and experience for each client’s needs.

Ideas Into Action is led by Anthony Levy who personally manages all client engagements and is actively involved in delivering many of them. He devotes his work to Executive Coaching, a diverse non-executive portfolio, and executive development.