Some feedback from Anthony’s varied development work:


“Many thanks for the positive feedback. I enjoyed the sessions and I feel I have made progress under your challenging tutelage! Many thanks indeed.” (coaching for first main board appointment - IT director)

“Personable, knowledgeable, adaptive to changing circumstances and flexible in approach. I think that Anthony met all of these.” (facilitated learning - partner, big four accounting firm)

“Your leadership has helped to improve both the quality of service and the efficiency of management” (board leadership - statutory sector national chairman)

“Above all you managed to combine the serious topics with fun and enjoyment. We all got to know each other and it seemed everyone felt an enormous swell of enthusiasm for our groups. It seems that our batteries were recharged. It really was a great day and we can't thank you enough.” (strategy & operational plans - charity chairman)

“The challenges are now all ahead of me, but I would like to express my thanks for all your help and I am sure that as a result of our sessions I am better equipped to implement my business plans.” (coaching - partner, business systems)

“I'm sure that it goes without saying that we have all found the programme extremely useful. In particular, the fact that we were able to tailor it to cover the areas that we all found that we were most in need of getting up to speed with. I have found the whole thing extremely valuable and certainly feel far more confident to talk about wider business/commercial issues, as well as looking at day to day issues in a different light. Looking back, the lack of knowledge at the outset is a trifle worrying!
(group coaching - partner, financial services) 

"The best course I have been on in my professional career" (director, professional services firm)